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Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Mayo Chiki Vol 12 "FINAL" Summary By Flere

Its finnaly out and translated in chinese which means Flere can do the summaries for us!!! What a great guy he is plz everyone register with animesuki to give some rep for flere he deserves it!
Okay onto the LAST volume of Mayo Chiki

The rest as flere does them


  1. Awesome! Thank you Flere and Om Nerabdator! This is the final volume so I think I'll wait for everything to get translated before reading it =D

  2. Chapter 4 was just done by Flere

  3. How many chapters will there be for Volume 12?

  4. what a great story

    thank you so much for translating Mayo Chiki!

  5. tq very much for the hardwork :)

  6. My, how lovely...anyway is there any translated novel out there? aside for chapter 12-7. I'd like to read them all(the translated novel), plus I want to collect it :P

  7. the story was awesome and it really satisfies the reader's mind whose likes are more on romance

    but as a critic on some novels , there are some parts in the summary which has a rough grammar . but the story was good that you might not see the rough part :D

    still, thanks flere for the translations

  8. Finished!!!!

    the summaries are very good, that the readers would understand the story though they are some grammars that are rough but still it was

    thanks flere for the translation!!!

    really an unforgetable light novel!
    it's not my typical harem ending though!