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Monday, 24 September 2012

The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor Translations/Summaries/Spoilers

Im absolutely stumped about how this novel is hardly getting any attention at all! it is one of the best novels i have read in a long time the main character is just plain awesome most of the side characters are a joy to see aswell. though i hate that debt thing and lown sharks plot it was quickly resolved at the start, whether they come back though i dont know.

Hyun Lee, a debt-ridden 20 year-old high school drop-out, puts his top-level avatar from 'The Continent of Magick', once the most popular online RPG game in Korea, up for auction. Once the news spreads nationwide, a fierce competition to win Hyun's avatar breaks out, raising the auction price to $3.9 billion Won.

However, when loan sharks show up at the hospital where his ailing grandmother is to collect his debts, he's then left with only 90,000... 50,000 of which goes to pay for a small house for his grandmother and sister to live in. Determined to send his little sister, Hayan, to college and make the loan sharks pay, he joins an online RPG game named 'Royal Road' to prove that history repeats itself. Why not claim the top once again? 
Theres two sites where you can read some translations/summaries/spoilers of all volumes


  1. Wow, the plot looks awesome. Do you think they will animate this, or have they already done it?

  2. im pretty sure it korean so the chance of this being animated is almost nil

  3. if you havent seen it already check out royal road weed blogspot. after odd squad dropped it, a lot of independant translators started helping out and we're getting several chapters a week now! =D

  4. id be happy if all the other volumes had at least summaries but most of them seem to have just some Q&A stuff in them :(